Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update New Mexico


One neighbor had the marauding dogs while
Another neighbor had the foolish sheep
The shepherd complained
And threatened
And raved
Until one of those dogs is found with hatchet in skull
Another with hind foot and tail chopped off

While he continues to rant and rail
The dog neighbor ignores and snores away the threats
Until he, his wife, and all those canine thugs
Are found dead from shotgun blasts which
The sheep herder confesses to another neighbor
Then calmly blows his own brain out

Up down and all around the Rio Pecos
1870 more or less
Billy drops another reckless gun with his Winchester
Victorio mutilates another brash nester family
somewhere between the Llano Estacado
and the Jornada del Muerto
At Seven Rivers old man Beckwith upholds his
Confederate honor by drawing a bead
on his Damn Yankee son-in-law
Up north along the Chama
And in the mountain pueblos below Truchas Peak
On every Good Friday
Another black hooded bare back bleeding Penitente
Darme, seƱor, una buena muerte
Give us, Lord, a good death