Saturday, May 29, 2010


When he walked upon the earth he quickened war; he quickened vice, filth; he brought anguish, affliction to men; he brought discord among men; wherefore he was called "the enemy on both sides." This Tezcatlipoca is a great devil.
- Fray Bernardino Sahagun

I am very old.
So old the people have lost their memory of me.

They attribute all their visions, dazzlements, and hallucinations to my power. They call me lord of the smoking mirror, of darkness, discord, deceit, destroyer of worlds, ghost walker, the jaguar that consumes the hearts of men, whose priests wear my skin and hold aloft the sacrificial obsidian blade. Yet none of these is my true name.

I am Lord of the Between.
Master of Inner and Outer.

The drop of water in the heart of fire. The spark of fire in the heart of water. The switch that reverses the limited mind of conditions to the liberated mind of primal essence. The door hinge at the entrance to the source of awareness; that quiet central chamber where spirit and energy fuse, where medicine is dispensed.

Look into my mirror to turn the light around.
Observe the mind observing.

It is nothing but smoke. Break through to erase the images reflected upon any cave wall and the old names cease to exist. Then the four quarters turn in unity. The rainbow bridge of dreams weaves the spider's intent. The lightening bolt of potential ignites the serpent’s vitality. The thunder of earth strengthens the lion’s virtue. The wind of heaven supports the condor’s clarity. All together they burst into space and repose in the sublime mystery.

Here is where the golden flower opens.
And the true power of jaguar becomes yours to wear.

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